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Welcome to the WDB wiki.

WDB (Weather and Water Database) is a database system designed to store meteorological, hydrological and oceanographic (MHO) data in a PostgreSQL database management server. The purpose of the WDB system is to improve the quality and effectiveness of IT systems for MHO production by providing a flexible and effective data storage solution for real-time and archive data. The system is the backbone of yr.no; Scandinavia's largest weather site. WDB has been in limited usage as a forecast archive since version 0.6.0 released in March 2008, and entered production usage on yr.no with version 0.7.8 at the end of February 2009.

The WDB system consists of a database server system including a read/write interface to the database, a set of loading programs for inserting various types of MHO data into the system, and a http product generator (WDB2TS).

WDB Features

  • Decode and store meteorological and oceanographic forecast fields
  • WDB has loading programs to load forecasts, analysis, wave and circulations models stored in GRIB1 and FELT format. Metadata is provided for HIRLAM fields
  • Flexible retrieval interface
  • The WDB Call Interface (WCI) allows the extraction of entire fields or points (time-series) from the database using an SQL-based function interface.
  • WCI is compatible with C/C++ and Java; it should be usable from any platform that can access a database.
  • Open Source; licensed under GPL2 or (at your option) any later version.


You can access the full source code of the WDB system on github or browse the repositories on this site.

wdbrWDB githubThe core WDB database system
libwdbloadrLIBWDBLOAD githubC++ library for writing/loading data into the WDB database system. This is the base library for most of the loading programs.
wdb-ncloadrNCLOAD githubApplication for loading NC (NetCDF) data into the WDB database system.
wdb-gribloadrGRIBLOAD githubApplication for loading GRIB data into the WDB database system.
wdb-demloadrDEMLOAD githubApplication for loading DEM (demographic) data into the WDB database system.
wdb-pointvaluebatchloadrPOINTLOAD githubApplication for effective batch loading of image data into the WDB database system.
wdb-metadatarWDBMETNO githubPackage for installing MET Norway specific metadata into WDB (sources, places, parameters).
wdb2tsrWDBTS githubApache module for extracting data from WDB through HTTP


The following documents may be of use:

programming API

Mailing List

We have a mailing list on wdb-users@lists.met.no

It can be signed up to here: http://lists.met.no/mailman/listinfo/wdb-users

Some interesting discussions can be found on the old mailing list, here.

Get Involved

WDB is an open-source project; we welcome contributions to the code and we will help you become involved, if you are interested in working on it. We also appreciate your feedback and bug reports.

If you find an error in our documentation (or miss some explanation), you are extremely welcome to register/log-in, and correct the mistake and/or omission.

The WDB workboard and tasks can be found here: WDB

Issues and feature requests

Please file bug reports/requests using Maniphest, and tag the task with the wdb project.


You can contact us by e-mail at wdb@met.no

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